A loan can be a solution to balance your finances or even invest in your future! In such cases, the loan can be considered a good debt!

Making a loan can be a good way to cover any emergencies or to take advantage of a good deal. The important thing is to choose the right type of credit for your goals and always seek the lowest rates in the market.

Know the size of your debt

Know the size of your debt

Before seeking a loan, you need to sum it up to know the size of your debt and be able to plan where to start. Survey accumulated debts, list all unpaid expenses, write down each outstanding product and installment. You can make a table with the following information:

  • Debt Type
  • Value per month of each
  • Number of installments
  • Total value of accumulated debt so far

With organized debt, it is easier to know what you will have to pay each month. But stay tuned! Commit to paying the installments on time so as not to curl up again!

When is it worth taking a loan?

When is it worth taking a loan?

Borrowing unnecessary debt and compromising family or personal budgets may not be the best solution. Check it out when it is worth taking a loan and what precautions you should take not to exchange six by half a dozen!

A loan can be a solution to balance your finances or even invest in your future! In such cases, the loan can be considered a good debt!

1- Exchange high interest for lower interest?

Paying off debt with higher interest rates and merging everything into lower interest debt can be a great alternative. Those who owe their credit card revolving or overdraft, for example, may resort to loan options that charge lower interest rates than the very high interest rates charged in such cases.

You can use a payroll loan, where the value of the installments is directly deducted from the payroll, or you can look for alternatives, such as a personal loan, which despite charging higher interest rates, are still lower than credit cards and payroll loans. the overdraft.

2- Invest in your own business

If you do not have the value to start your own business, or even for those who have already developed and need working capital or improve cash flow to keep the business operating, you can avail loans. The important thing is to opt for a loan with a low interest rate.

If the idea is to buy equipment to increase the productivity of your company, this can be excellent for your business, because in a short time you can get the return on investment with the profit of your business.

There are also Credit Lines, Fixed Investment, Mixed Investment and Renewable Energy, which give you a period of up to five years to pay. With these resources you can build, renovate, extend or modernize your venture by adding working capital and giving you a break in your finances.

Another alternative is secured home loan which offers lower rates and can be a great option to pay off more expensive debts from your venture.

3- Pay off debts more easily

If you are unable to pay a supplier for any unforeseen or planning errors and interest rates keep rising, one way to reverse this scenario is to bet on a loan.

With installments appropriate to your payment terms, you can take back the actions of the organization more easily and have greater control over the budget.

4- Higher Education Loan

The personal loan can be used in situations where you need funds quickly for a college degree, a fast specialization course, certificate courses and / or a foreign holiday course.

If you work for a company where English-speaking people, for example, are most likely to be promoted, you can invest in an immersion course in another country. With the growth and experience you will gain, the promotion may be closer and you can repay the loan with this larger revenue inflow.

You can also apply for student financing in the case of a degree, lower interest loan and longer repayment terms, where the student only begins to pay after completing the course.

5- Avoid tax, tax and labor losses

In order to avoid tax, tax and labor losses, it is very important to respect the deadlines for settling tax-related commitments such as property tax and IPVA and being up to date with your employees, as a labor lawsuit, for example, can cause a disruption in your economy.

In these cases the best thing to do is a loan to pay taxes or taxes or to advance the 13th salary of employees and thus avoid inconvenience.

6- Facing emergencies

If you are facing an emergency such as family health problem and for example a personal loan may be a solution.

7- Clear Your Market Name

When it is negative, it may take some time to unsubscribe. In arrangements such as payroll or secured property you can get the loan even with restrictions on the name.

This is because such an operation does not appear as debt, meaning you can pay off the negative amount, clear your name and pay off the credit installments normally.

Be careful when applying for a loan

Be careful when applying for a loan

When thinking about getting a loan, be careful, plan well and write down how much you can afford to pay each month, as your financial health depends on it.

Be careful when choosing the financial institution where you will borrow for the arrival of extra money not to turn into a future problem!


Stay tuned! Always compare the Total Effective Cost (CET) of debts and not just the interest charged, the CET interest rates, charges and fees that may be charged.

Remember if! A well-planned loan can be an alternative for those looking for more financial flexibility!

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